The new Bugatti is on its way, and this time the company has many surprises!

05/23/2016 13:11:51
The new Bugatti is on its way, and this time the company has many surprises!
Bugatti is all ready for a new model that will follow Chiron, this one is no longer one of those usual sedans, but more like a track.

Bugatti is no more playing “Will they, won't they” with its potential customers, the company is back with a new car and this time it finally understood that the world needs something as sumptuous as Rolls-Royce Phantom, but with the driving dynamics and performances of a Bugatti.


After Bugatti's 1500-horsepower monster, the company is already looking for new options, now we know for sure that Bugatti wants a unique creation that might change the whole history of the brand. From Dürheimer's statement it's been clear that they are following a sequential pattern, and they aren't going to make two model lines. The company has 4 strategic alternatives and as Dürheimer says all of them are sensational.



Well the new Galibier is something to be considered but is there something else the company wants to surprise us with? Something more track focused than the high-speed heavyweight Chiron? No matter what it's gonna be we know for sure it'll be spectacular.


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